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sith_praetorian [userpic]

4 Days...

August 22nd, 2005 (08:41 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: Psyche Rock - Pierre Henry

So... this is the beginning of the end...


With 4 days left of work, 4 days left of being at home, 4 days left being babied and pampered and basically maltreated (in a health frame of mind) I'm ready to leave home and live a life of a starving student.

My goals of starting the term with no debt failed, however I do have 2 more paycheques coming around and my debt will be manageable (I predict roughly <1500). Also, OSAP turned me down... (fuckers)... and I'm trying to apply for this Lithuanian Scholarship for like $450 that I won last term, however because lithuanians are basically fucked in the head I never received my $450 however, I should be receiving another scholarship from them so sometime soon I should be getting another $450 (hopefully).

Work is pretty good, mainly because I received an Outstanding. This was basically because I was forced to independantly implement a defect tracking system and my boss is basically going to be so screwed because he doesn't have the time to manage it, and the co-op i'm training isn't really prepared for it. I might have to come in for a couple of hours of consultant work ^_^ -> (3~4 hours @ $17.86 =~ $50)

Also, another note of good news, my speaker control pod came in, and I finally have sound back!!!! After listening to my monitor's built in speakers for about 2 weeks, my ears have to get used to listening to hi fidelity sound again... if i understand that high fideltiy means better than shit speakers (y).

So, looking back, I had an awesome weekend with Kiri. Thursday we went and celebrated being togeter for 6 months. We went to Red Lobster and I proved that I can't eat snow crab legs for the life of me... but otherwise we had a gay old time. Afterwards we went to the theatre to watch The Island... but 10 minutes into when the movie should have started, a Galaxy employee came in telling us that there were technical difficulties and that not only would we get to exchange our tickets for a different showing, we'd also get a free pair of tickets for the showing we were going to watch, as well as one in the future... meaning 3 free tickets for Kiri and Chris XD!!!

We eventually ended up watching The Wedding Crashers which turned out to be hilarious except for Will Ferrel who reminds me of our very own Elec Will Ferrel... which kind of turned me off the movie. But overall, there were boobies, and Regina George. With our other movie pass we ended up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which turned out to be pretty good.

Kiri and I rounded out the weekend by going to the Ex with her brother and sister. This ended up costing a lot of money as Kiri's mom still has to pay me back for buying the tickets but I did get lunch paid for me basically, which I have to thank Kiri for ^_^.
Other than that, I won for her a large Sponge Bob Square Pants at breaking plates and a small stuffed horse named Phillip in Whack-a-mole.

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